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A Basic Pasta

Published Wednesday, 26 August, 2009 by Natalie Bowen

Really filling, and very easy :)



  • Dried Pasta... any work well, but i prefer twirly ones :D
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Tomato Puree
  • Cheese/Tuna/Both/None :)


1. Boil your pasta adding salt to the water for later on.

2. While pasta is cooking grate your cheese/drain your tuna.

3. When the pasta is cooked add about half a tube of tomato puree, stirring well, to give you a passata consistency. Of course you can just use passata if you want, and drain the pasta instead.

4. Then, add the tuna if using any, stirring it in well. Leave for a minute to heat up the tuna. Add salt/pepper to taste.

5. Serve into a bowl and sprinkle lots of cheese on top :)


This can be enjoyed as a simple tomato pasta, or with cheese or tuna, or both :)


  • Gareth 9 years ago

    How long do you boil your pasta for, and can you do it in the microwave? I tried softening it in the microwave, and then (after pouring boiling water on the pasta to get rid of the 'residue' - as it's wholemeal) putting it in the oven to cook, but the pasta tastes a bit 'splodgy' afterwards and I'm not sure why.

  • Annie 9 years ago

    I added A LOT of dry basil cause i love basil with tomatoes

    i think without the basil it tasted a little weird
    but great recipe non the less :D

  • Pasta Expert 9 years ago

    Puree? Are you mad? A normal tomato sauce takes just as long as pasta - why not just do that?

  • sam 9 years ago

    i work in a 4 star resurant and i think this dish is nice lol

  • Lee 9 years ago

    Uh Katie, i dont think he was tryking to spell 'pasta' those 2 times he said 'passata' that is a tomato base sauce. and he put smiley faces twice, think you need to lighten up a bit mate. this is a student website and not a buisness meeting.

  • Slippers 9 years ago

    thanks a lot :) it would be useful if you put how much a "half a tube of tomato puree" you use as there is a possibility that you have a different sized tomato puree tube to the one i have. apart from that, thanks a lot! i've been feed tonight :)

  • Jake 9 years ago

    I used to have this all the time as a child, but as above, mayonnaise or salad cream works a treat. Sweetcorn makes a great addition towards one of your one a day.

  • heya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 9 years ago

    its cool but sam d is a cheese puff and a donkey

  • Laura 9 years ago

    I make a dish similar to this but without the tomato puree with mayonaise, tuna and sweetcorn. It's delicious!

  • Katie 9 years ago

    you could make it more fomal because you spelt pasta wrong a few times and i didn't like how you kept putting smiley faces. but thanks anyway!!!

  • chirelle 9 years ago

    hi, its my mums birthday today so i decieded to make this dish so it was ready by the time she comse sounds relly nice going 2 add basil and i am going to do spaghetti all snaped into little strings instead of pasta...i am relly looking forward to it...and to let u no im only 12 ! x

  • paresh 10 years ago

    picture or video please. Thanks.

  • c 10 years ago

    i tried this recipe and it does not taste right with the tomoto puree could i use something else next time could you think of anything! ?.

  • Adam 10 years ago

    It was a fantastic basic recipe and easy to follow but a bit confusing !!!!!

  • A 10 years ago

    It would be better if it told us how much of the ingredients you need in the pasta dish because I didn't know so it tatsted funny.

  • Kim 10 years ago

    it would be helpful if there was a picture on here aswell and a making time

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