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A Random Pasta

Published Tuesday, 31 March, 2009 by Gemma

there was nothing in the freezer



  • any type of pasta that floats your boat
  • tinned tomatos
  • pine nuts
  • peanut butter
  • soya sauce
  • bbq sauce
  • lemon juice
  • mixed herbs
  • salt n pepper


boil your pasta with salt

ok-right-pour the tinned tomatos and add a 1 table spoon of everyhting and cook it on low heat until the pasta it done.

simples :) (


  • ????? 7 years ago

    Wow! Amazing thank you for makingup that dish

  • sexy chicken 7 years ago

    it soudsa horribla uh uh uh

  • Morgan 8 years ago

    Add some more herbs and onions and a tiny bit of ham and there we go youve got your flavoured pasta with some meat yum yum........

  • Meghan 8 years ago

    Like previously stated there is nothing in this that would make someone sick. unless you have allergies to nuts. I can't say it is something I would try but you gotta give the girl credit for being creative.. i just sit and stare at my fridge waiting for it to make something for me!

  • Mym 8 years ago

    This does sound strange, however I tried it last night and I really enjoyed it. Good idea and inspiration! I would definitely make again :)

  • Bella 8 years ago

    Well, maybe donTinned tomatos add some dried herbs some sweet chilli sauce and bit of grated cheese, add salt when cooking pasta, and add quite a bit of pepper about 2 minutes before you take it off the heat.nnNO PEANUT BUTTER, But good effort with using up your fridge contents, well done haha, very imaginative :)

  • cookie monster 8 years ago

    i tryed this and it was lush, does that make me strange? :D

  • megz 8 years ago

    this is good for my project:)

  • Ahh 8 years ago

    There is nothing in this that could make you I'll for days unless you are eating gone off chicken..

  • Jamie Oliver 9 years ago

    Fantastic!! Going to recommend it on my US tour!
    Thanks Gemma! xx

  • Osman 9 years ago


  • Charlotte Smith 9 years ago

    I felt ill and now i have read this recipe i feel even worse. I honestly think going throw up !!!!!!!!!!!

  • judy 9 years ago


  • caitlin 9 years ago

    well i would never cook..... that :/

  • Claire 9 years ago


  • Sharlea 9 years ago

    Tried this :) Was good creativity but also made me ill. not a good combination. especially when your cooking for guests.

  • john 9 years ago

    wish i read these comments before eating... gemma.... not good.

  • player 9 years ago

    yo the recipe was couled nothing in the fridge look at all the dumb ingridients

  • Gemma 10 years ago

    some of you are so rude :/

  • person who created 10 years ago

    i ammit it is disgusting and made me sick but it was worth a try

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