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Bacon Cheese Veg Pasta

Published Thursday, 13 August, 2009 by Liz Scott

simple and really filling



  • Pasta
  • Creamcheese
  • bacon
  • mushroom
  • any other veg you want to add
  • pesto if desired.


cook pasta according to instructions on packet.

fry up bacon, mushrooms and other veg, eg, corgette, peppers, tomatoes.

add creamcheese to the fried veg and stir untill melted,

add pesto if desired for a different flavour.

stir into cooked pasta.


  • Jessss 8 years ago

    yeahh, sounds yumm but how much of each ingredientsthoughh ?

  • nicole 8 years ago

    sounds good- how much cream cheese though?

  • no name 9 years ago

    it look ok to me but some one is a ****

  • Rachel 9 years ago

    Sounds good

  • chloe phillips 9 years ago


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