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Baked Beans And Pasta!

Published Tuesday, 18 May, 2010 by lewis john

Quick, simple and GOOD!



  • Pasta
  • Baked Beans


1. Cook pasta

2. drain pasta when cooked

3. cook baked bean in microwave (if in a rush) or on the cooker (takes longer but its worth it)

4. ad baked beans to pasta and finish with a bit of ground black pepper


  • Tom 11 months ago

    Why go the effort of pasta, just warm the beans and eat the damned things!

  • Mrs McNamee 1 year ago

    I use this to torture my son

  • zacco 1 year ago

    this breaks my heart

  • Connor 3 years ago

    Try adding
    1 tbsp of tomatoes paste
    Some tuna
    And black pepper

  • brian grocock 4 years ago


  • Veronica 4 years ago

    Amazing! Add in some curry powder and some grated cheese on the top

  • Mr John Upton 4 years ago

    Dash it with a spot of caviar for perfection snarf snarf

  • Gary 5 years ago

    A sprinkling of curry powder is great to add flavour

  • Tyler 5 years ago

    This is so nice
    you guys should try speading butter on fruit toast and then sprinkling milo on it
    this is so nice

  • Eee 5 years ago

    If you are lazy, you don't even need to cook the beans. You can just open the tin and mix them with the hot pasta; the temperature will be about right (no tongue-burning).

  • Ren 5 years ago

    Best pasta i have had in ages

  • Nidge 7 years ago

    Topped with grated cheese!!

  • Statik 7 years ago

    Boom this is exactly what i was looking for, now this is real cooking on a budget :)

  • Angela 7 years ago

    I can't believe how filling and good this is. Tre bien!

  • Harry 7 years ago

    Sweet as, was a bit unsure wether to do it but ive just found beans and sausages to add to fusili

  • rachael198031 7 years ago

    chop up some hot dogs and chuck the in too

  • Lol 7 years ago

    Sounds like something you eat when you run out of lunch money

  • matt 8 years ago

    i was just going to try this out myself , and wondered if anyone had done it before lol
    think im going to try adding a tin of tuna and some worcestershire sauce

  • hattie 8 years ago

    really quick and easy!!! tastes good too!!

  • cat 9 years ago

    good with added cheese and some chopped up jalepenos for a spicy edge.

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