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Cheese Noodles

Published Monday, 09 February, 2015 by Kholoud

Simple and easy noodles that fills up your little belly :d



  • For the ingredients you will need:
  • 1 instant noodles ( any flavour you like, i usualy use curry noodles)
  • 1 cup of water
  • cheddar cheese ( as much as you like)


In a small pan boil water, add noodles cook for two minutes

add seasoning pack that comes with instant noodles, keep cooking until water reduces

add cheese, stir until completely melted

surve warm and enjoy!

note: you can add cubed carrots, peas, corn and cubed boiled chicken breast with the seasoning step


  • kkk 4 years ago

    i am not gay

  • jeff 4 years ago

    lol lol lo lol

  • kkkk 4 years ago

    really tasty

  • kkkk 4 years ago

    no one liked it in my family except my 2 month old sister

  • Ben 4 years ago

    Serve* not surve