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Cheesy Beans N' Pasta

Published by michelle

really quick and cheap :)



  • as much pasta as desired.
  • a tins of beans.
  • a bock of cheese.


boil the pasta as desired.

as it is nearly done empty the tin of beans into a bowl and microwave according to guidelines but take out 30 seconds before it is finished.

add as much grated cheese as preferred and cook for the remaining 30 seconds.

when all is cooked, add drain the pasta and add to the beans.

mix all together and serve.


  • Hannah 8 years ago

    Wow, Never Thought Of Beans On Pasta!!! Just Tried This, Absolutely Delicious! Had A Herb Grinder For Pizza And Pasta, So I Decided To Add A Bit Extra :]

  • jake 9 years ago

    and use whole grain pasta and reduced fat cheese for healthsake! it will cost a little more but you will not die as soon! if you do not care about dying, buy which ever you prefer.

  • jake 9 years ago

    to make this really work, you should add some pasta sauce, a store brand tomatoe sauce would be cheapest. it doesnt have to be fancy.rnrnand to make it real cheap buy dried beans and cook them yourself. dried beans cost about 1/3 as much as canned.

  • Kay Jay 10 years ago

    Mmmmmm Gorgeoous =]

  • Daniel 10 years ago

    Sounds nice but weird nd tasty all at the same time.

  • amy 10 years ago

    mmmm i love this dish i have it all the time :) xx

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