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Cheesy Pasta Bake

Published Tuesday, 06 December, 2011 by Rich

Cheap. Nothing difficult



  • This one is done by sight so no measurements.
  • 1. Pasta (enough to feed number of people)
  • 2. Soft cheese (Cheapest works fine)
  • 3. Grated Cheese (any kind)
  • 4. Mushrooms (about 2-3 per person depending on size)
  • 5. Milk
  • Optional: Rash of bacon, or ham.


1. Boil Pasta.

2. While boiling pasta, chop mushrooms add to pan and fry in a little oil. (add chopped bacon or ham)

3. Once mushrooms are cooked add milk to them (enough to cover pasta)

4. add few spoons full of soft cheese.

5. Add Cheese (few hand fulls)

6. stir and wait till all cheese has melted, should be quite thick.

7. add sauce to drained cooked pasta.

8. Put in casserole dish, add little cheese to top, and cook 200C for about 20-25mins.


  • Tony Kelty 5 years ago

    Just made this absolutely delicious and so simple to make.

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  • Check out this awesome entry for our Student Recipes contest! We'll definitely be trying this for breakfast this weekend. Thanks for the submission, George!