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Cheesy Pasta Bake

Published Saturday, 19 May, 2012 by Stephanie

Easy pasta bake that will keep for a few days too!



  • Beef mince
  • onion
  • pasta
  • pasta sauce (i use tomato and garlic)
  • garlic granules
  • cheese (cheddar, red leicester, any really!)
  • cheese sauce (sachet)
  • egg (optional)


Chop the onion and cook them with the mince.

meanwhile put the pasta onto boil too.

when the mince is cooked through add the pasta sauce, and some garlic granules to your own taste.

mix the mince, onion and sauce with the pasta when it is cooked.

place in a dish suitable for the oven.

mix the cheese sauce using hot water.

if you want a solidly baked pasta bake add an egg to the cheese sauce and mix it in, if not leave it as it is

pour the cheese sauce into the dish with the pasta in and with a work work it into all the holes. (i know it looks rank but it tastes goood)

sprinkle with as much grated cheese as you like, i like to cover mine

put in the oven on gas mark 7 for about half an hour, or until the cheese sauce has started to thicken up. I don't really time how long i put it in for, i just take it out when it looks good!


  • Keepsake 6 years ago

    Don't think the previous commenter survived since he/she never commented back, but i'm still trying this dish tonight. Only with a small variation: i'm using cut up chorizo instead of mince to give it a little bit more "kick"

  • S <3 6 years ago

    Sounds yummy :d trying it tonight ;) will comment later to tell you how it turns out/has turned out :)

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