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Chicken & Mushroom Pasta Bake

Published Wednesday, 29 August, 2012 by Ladypirate

This is soooo asy and tastes great!



  • Cooked/leftover chicken (or any other cooked meat like ham also you could use tuna instead)
  • can of creamy mushroom soup
  • sweetcorn or tinned peas
  • pasta shapes of some sort
  • grated cheese


Boil the pasta till nearly cooked, drain out the water.

put pasta in a oven proof dish

pour over the soup

add the sweetcorn/peas and the cooked meat

top with cheese

bake for 20 mins so cheese melts


  • Chloe Packer 7 years ago


  • Lee Norman 7 years ago

    Amazing recipe i love it so much cant wait to eat it<3

  • Sam Watson 7 years ago

    Good recipe, have fun making another, love you

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