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Chorizo And Pasta

Published Monday, 29 August, 2016 by Andrew Smylie

Works best with chorizo but any meat will work well! / Nutritional info: Swap out chorizo for haloumi/quorn sausages/diced sweet potato to make this veggie/vegan!



  • Chorizo (30g per person)
  • Onion (half onion per person)
  • Garlic (half clove per person)
  • Pasta (60g dried per person)
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Basil (dried or fresh)
  • Chilli flakes (to taste)
  • Chipotle paste (optional)
  • Chopped tomatoes (half tin per person)
  • Olive oil


1. Cover pasta with boiling water (add a pinch of salt and a drop of oil to stop it sticking).

2. Heat up a tbsp of oil in a wok/large frying pan on a high heat.

3. Roughly dice chorizo and add to pan.

4. Finely dice onion and add to chorizo in pan.

5. Once the onions are starting to colour, add in the finely diced (or crushed) garlic (dont add before this because garlic burns very easily!)

6. Add a splash of balsamic, cook for 30s to remove the acidity, then add a tsp of chipotle paste, cook for a further 30s.

7. Add the chipped tomatoes, basil and a few chilli flakes.

8. Stir all the ingredients in, taste and add balsamic/basil/salt/pepper etc to taste.

9. Turn wok down to a low heat until pasta is cooked.

10. Drain pasta when cooked, add to wok to mix through the sauce.

11. Serve up and munch away.

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  • In all fairness, sometimes we students are forced to come up with weird combinations based on what we have in our pantry at any given moment.