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Creamy Smoked Salmon Pasta

Published Tuesday, 03 November, 2009 by Anest Pritchard

Delish!! Pretty easy as well!



  • 4 Large slices of smoked salmon
  • Pasta (around 100g -150g, depends for how many people you're cooking!)
  • White wine (dry or medium both works)
  • 2 Shallots
  • Dill (I found that dry dill works better than fresh)
  • Small pot of single cream
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Oil


Before making the sauce, put the pasta in a pan to boil so that it's ready once your sauce is! :)

To make the sauce:-

1. Chop up the shallots finely and fry lightly in a pan with some oil. Do not brown

2. Pour in a small cup of white wine (around half a mug) into the pan with the shallots and leave to simmer until the white wine has reduced to around a quarter of the amount that you put in (you can drink the remaining wine.....mmmmm)

3. Pour in the cream (a decently full mug) and stir well until the shallots and wine have mixed well with the cream

4. Add the dill herbs into the creamy mix. Around 1-2 table spoons should be enough and mix well then leave to simmer for around 5 mins

5. Add salt and pepper to season

Now for the rest! -

1. Chop up the smoked salmon slices into decently sized pieces

2. Drain the cooked pasta of water and then pour in the sauce on to the pasta and stir well

3. Add the smoked salmon into the mix and stir well once again

4. Done and dusted....put on a plate and munch away!

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