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Easy Cheesy Pasta

Published by danielle

Easy pasta..



  • About 10 spaghetti strands (per person)
  • Oregano
  • Chopped tomato
  • Clove garlic
  • White wine vinegar (olive oil works just as well)


Pour some boiling water into a pan and re-boil.

Snap up the spaghetti and put into pan

Leave to cook for a few minutes

Crush and chop the garlic and add half to the pan.

Chop a quarter of the tomato and add half to the pan.

Leave to cook stirring it often.

When cooked (nice and soft) drain the water off.

Add the white wine vinegar and leave it to cook constantly stirring. turn the heat on. Add the remaining garlic and tomato.

Drain this and put the pasta into a small dish.

Put the cheese on top and grill for a minute or so..


  • Alice 6 years ago

    I tried the pasta it was so delicious my friends enjoyed it.

  • mia 10 years ago