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Egg Pasta With Side Dip

Published Sunday, 31 March, 2013 by Olivia

Weird yet tastey- so tastey



  • 1. Two boiled eggs
  • 2. Pasta
  • 3. Herbs/spices
  • 4. Salt
  • 5.Water
  • 6. Olive oil


Start boiling eggs first!

1. Before boiling the pasta, into the sausepan with the water put two teaspoons of salt.

2. Stir for less than 10 seconds

3. When ready, add pasta into sausepan

4. After 10 minutes at the boil, add in one table spoon of your herbs / spices

5. Stir untill most herbs/spicess are on the pasta and little at the bottem.

6. When pasta it ready to be served, add to large plate but herbs at the bottem of the pan leave.

7. When eggs are ready, shell them and slice.

8. Add to pasta plate

9. With your remaining herbs/ spices, add to tiny bowl.

10. Add a dash of olive oil

11. Add a teaspoon of warm water

you have now created a dip to go with your pasta.

12. Enjoy


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