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Frankfurter Pasta In 15 Mins

Published Sunday, 21 June, 2015 by Vicky

Pasta, frankfurters, beans and sauce in 15 mins, serves 2



  • 300g fusilli pasta
  • 1 jar of dolmio bolognese smooth tomato
  • 1 tin of heinz baked beans
  • 1 pack of herta frankfurters classic (10 sausages)
  • cheese (optional)


1.Put a large pan of water on the hob and wait for it to boil.

2.When boiling, pour in 300g of pasta and leave for 7 minutes.

3.Whilst pasta is boiling, slice the frankfurters.

4.When the 7 minutes is up, add the frankfurters and leave for 5 minutes.

5.Add the beans and then let it boil for a further 2 minutes.

6. Take the pan off the hob and drain the pasta by pouring into a colander.

7. Place the pasta back in the pan, and stir in the dolmio smooth sauce.

8. Serve into bowls or plates

9. Add grated cheese to top.



  • Mark 4 years ago

    You never said when to actually add the sause, though.

    Also, try not naming specific brands. You can recommend brands, but they might not be available in all areas/countries.

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  • Thanks to Lauren for uploading this DELISH looking DISH to