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Gravy Pasta

Published by annita

if ur very poor



  • gravy
  • pasta


make your gravy abit thicker than usual

make pasta.

add gravy on top of pasta. It acts as a sauce


  • Fred 5 months ago

    quick and delicious despite the simplicity,

  • Andrew 8 months ago

    Don't need to be poor to enjoy this.

    Consider frying an onion before hand. Then once the noodles are cooked you can stirfry the noodles/pasta with the onion to get some Maillard reaction going. Poor gravy on after and enjoy.

    Yum yum

  • Evelyn 1 year ago

    I'm gonna try it... doesn't sound bad

  • Dave wood 1 year ago

    its not just uni students cant afford lot food its unemployed people too

  • Shani 3 years ago

    As a Uni student I can't afford a decent meal all the time. I have both pasta and gravy in my cupboard currently so I'm gonna try this. Maybe add some chicken or some herbs to glam it up a bit but such a good idea!

  • Callum 4 years ago

    I love your idea of this recipe it was define i eat it all the time i am going to share this with my lovely friends:)

  • Care 6 years ago

    Not much info given please send in more

  • 6 years ago

    Add a few sausages and you'll be fine!

  • Alex 6 years ago

    This was so friggin good

  • Steve 7 years ago

    Welp, all i have are spaghetti noodles and a half a package of gravy mix.. Hopefully this is good if i throw random spices in..

  • Kate 8 years ago

    THis came to desperation as I had nothing in the cupboard. Really really nice! Used egg noodles and onion gravy. Nice!

  • Erica 8 years ago

    um @Iona, whats the difference between noodles and pasta? and I'm about to try this since I was just about to make spaghetti

  • Rick 8 years ago

    Its better if you use diced beef and actually cook the pasta in the beef gravy add onions and small carrots best with bowtie pasta

  • Daz 8 years ago

    cupboards bare so about to give this a try

  • Meaghanne 8 years ago

    gravy IS a sauce, so it wouldnt just act like a sauce, it would be a sauce. i would suggest not calling it straight gravy, because it sounds vile, call it, a gravy reduction sauce, that way you still get the point, but not the nasty thought of gravy alone. also, this dish has no sustenance, add meat and frozen veggies or something, that way its still economical, but its actually a meal and not a pathetic excuse for a side dish.

  • mel 8 years ago

    i actually love this dish!!! mymum used to make it for me when i was young! never gets old :D

  • Leah 8 years ago

    how about with minced beef too? X

  • Kat 8 years ago

    This is also REALLY good if you add some chopped tomatoes :)
    Especially good when they're warm and soft-ish.

  • angrycleavers 8 years ago

    its really good, similar to stroganoff

  • Dave 8 years ago

    I agree with gaz

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