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Spicy Vegetable Pasta

Published Sunday, 17 November, 2013 by Robyn

Delicious heartwarming pasta- quick and yummy



  • This is the amount of ingrdients for a single serving. Add more if you are cooking for more people.
  • pasta ( as much as you want)
  • 1 bell pepper
  • 4 tomatoes
  • desired amount of chille
  • handful of small mushrooms
  • various italian herbs
  • basil
  • 1 finely chopped clove of garlic


Start boiling your pasta at high heat in a pot.

then while your pasta is boiling start chopping a pepper and cut it into cubes. Now you can chop up your mushrooms. Now in a seperate pot add your chopped, peppers, mushrooms and herbs. Once your pasta is soft add it to your sauce. Add as much or as little chille as you like. I like mine spicy so i used about 2 teaspoons of chille. Then serve and enjoy :-) you can play about with diffrent herbs and spices and if you don't like peppers/mushrooms leave them out and you can add diffrent vegetables.


  • Chowww Fish 5 years ago

    The pasta was very delicious .(provided , you add chilli garlic paste into it..)

  • Coolileana 5 years ago

    Dunno y mitchell says its disgusting.....Coz majority comments including myself says its mamamiaaaaaa!!!

  • Anaaya 5 years ago


  • Nafisa 5 years ago

    Simple dish

  • Anon 5 years ago

    If you like piƱa coladas...N getting caught in the rain! I suggest you try this pasta...And even eat it as a main. Oh god shoot me now jk but you should try this pasta it's amazing and for all the haters just leave

  • Rozlyn 5 years ago

    Suj, this recipe does have a sauce recipe. When you cook your vegetables and tomatoes they simmer into a sauce try it out and you'll see what i mean :-)

  • Suj 6 years ago

    This recipe is really funny...
    where's the sauce recipe?

  • 6 years ago

    Ummmm mitchell im not trying to be nasty but robyn is my friend and she only put up this recipe because she was bored shes just having fun and this dish isnt awful maybe you just made it wrong so dont say things like that and also im not a college student. Sharmin is being nice because she is honest as well and says its easy tp make so yeh your wrong........

  • Mitchell 6 years ago

    Ummm... I don't know where everyone's taste buds are but this dish was awful. I totally agree with asma.
    and rozlyn... Really? You think listing an ingredient yet not saying where/when to add said ingredient. Oh i'm just talking about the sauce base ie tomato. Don't waste your time or money fellow college students.

  • 6 years ago

    Sorry but asma,she has explained it very well and i think this recipe is a yummy recipe:)

  • Sharmin Akter 6 years ago

    So easy,delicious.Totally nice

  • Ola 6 years ago

    Super danie dla bajkowego stworka

  • Asma 6 years ago

    Explain in more detail and be more specific when talking about something

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