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Super Easy! And Super Tasty! Tuna Pasta!

Published Wednesday, 18 April, 2012 by Jess Lauren

Fettuccine and tuna pasta



  • - fettuccine (or any other flat pasta).
  • - your choice of tomato based pasta sauce.
  • - a large can of plain tuna.
  • - herbs (i use dill and basil)
  • - minced garlic.
  • - 1 onion (cut into long slices).
  • - parmesan cheese.
  • - salt and pepper to season.


- boil the pasta until "al dente" (cooked through).

- once pasta is boiled add the jar of pasta sauce, tuna and onion and stir so it all heats through.

- add the garlic and herbs (i don't measure i just do it to taste).

- mix everything through and serve.

-grate parmesan cheese on top with a little salt and pepper to season.

simple as that!!! ^_^

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  • Protein on protein! Delish!