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The Thingy I Call Carbonara But Isn't.

Published Thursday, 22 May, 2014 by Lamia

It's pasta duh. with cream and bacon. and lot's of cheese.



  • You'll need
  • - cream
  • - bacon
  • - cheese (any kind, the softer the better)
  • - meat stock
  • - spaguetti works better, but you can use macaroni also.


Heat that pan and put some chopped bacon in it. No need for butter or oil, bacon is greasy as hell.

when cooked and brownish, add cream until you cover it.

then add cheese slices until you think "damn, that's too much cheese".

let it melt and then add half or the whole cube of meat stock, depending on the quantity of sauce you made.

just keep adding and tasting until it's delicious and maybe a little bit salty. (when you mix it with the pasta, the flavour tones down)

hh, and i forgot: don't forget to heat cook your pasta before you start the sauce. Or you'll end up eating the sauce with a spoon. I've done it.

i usually start making the sauce when the water is boiling and i've put in the spaguettis. But don't trust it, sometimes it just becomes soft. Too soft. Baby butt soft.


  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    I like how you describe it ...To funny

  • Rie 5 years ago

    I just made this sauce for dinner and its great i added fresh cherry tomatoes and fresh peas and it was so good my roommates loved the sauce all in all its a great sauce !!!!

  • Saira 5 years ago

    Good and healthy dish

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