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Tuna Mayo Pasta

Published by Bekki Bradley

Simple and easy, goes nice with salad.



  • Pasta of any kind (a handful per person)
  • 1 Can Tuna
  • 1 tblsp Mayonnaise
  • (optional) Garlic Puree (Just a bit)


Cook Pasta, drain and alow to cool

Break up tuna into small flakes, mix into pasta

Mix in mayonnaise and garlic puree.

Serve on its own or with salad. or whatever you want.


  • Christopher craven 1 year ago

    Just made it and it tasted like dog sh1t

  • Princess 1 year ago

    Ty for the recipe hunx will sure to make it an ????

  • Mds 3 years ago

    Pasta takes roughly ten mins to cook. Depends if you like it hard or soft ;)

  • Amanda Glen 3 years ago

    Made my tuna pasta as my clean eating diet plan. Plus my daughter loves it.

  • cirious 3 years ago

    don't know the cooking time

  • Big Dick 209 5 years ago

    This is bolas

  • Student Chief 5 years ago

    Thanks for the recipe

  • Curious 5 years ago

    This worked perfectly.Thanx!

  • Abby 5 years ago

    So stupid and easy t do

  • Babette - Lumiere's Petite Amie 6 years ago

    Mmm! Mon copain lumiere made zis dish for me! Zis was deliciaz! Ze pasta with ze mayo and ze tuna... Mm mm mm! Zat will mek me go to ze toilet afterwards because i eat so much! Mmm! So much fun! So much tasty! I recommend zis to everyone who has a stomach! Mmm stomach loves zis food! Coming lumiere! I am just... Eating... My pasta! Mmm mm! *licks lips*

  • Jodie 6 years ago

    Thank you very good website

  • Merika 6 years ago

    I made it without the garlic purée but its so so delicious.

  • Billington Berry Bucleboy 6 years ago

    Lul i love ihhhh

  • Mr Macdonald 6 years ago

    Your terrible zoe that is shocking

  • Zoe Bain 6 years ago

    Drummy girls

  • DAVID GLEN 6 years ago

    Nice for lunch

  • JACKIE LIVENSTONE 6 years ago

    Really cool

  • JOHN 6 years ago

    This is nice

  • JOHN 6 years ago

    How cool is that it works

  • JOHN 6 years ago

    Very good for kids to make

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  • Thanks Emma for uploading!