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Tuna Pasta Bake

Published by Georgina

yummy easy filling



  • *pasta
  • *tuna
  • *mayo
  • *margerine
  • *cheese
  • *sweetcorn (optional)


*cook pasta as normal

*mix up tuna and mayo (and sweetcorn) as you require and put into a bowl

*once pasta is cooked put ontop of tuna

*mix in a couple of teaspoons of butter

*grate cheese on top

*put in the oven until the cheese melts



  • India Mills 3 years ago

    I love tuna paster bake because my kids come home every day and say that they love it!

  • billy 3 years ago

    hi hoe many grams

  • Liana L Norton 4 years ago

    Sounds great, thanks for your help. Am going to cook it in a bit. Will let you know how i got on.

  • Bez Ed 6 years ago

    Isn't it

  • Smoke That Weed 6 years ago


  • Jonny 6 years ago

    Add me on xbox live: sinking squid

  • Borris' Mom 6 years ago

    Dont you speek to me like that you little sh't ill kick your @ss

  • Borris' Mom 6 years ago

    I suggest you get to bed, your grounded!

  • Borris 6 years ago

    Leave me alone mom

  • Jimmy Savile 6 years ago

    I love to eat this while spying on little children coming home from school

  • Ittii 6 years ago

    Du helloooo

  • Yoyoyo 6 years ago

    Omg it tastes like my gym sock after practice :/ not very nice...! Blegh!

  • Chelsea Keren 6 years ago

    It tastes like my arm pits after a long run!
    ps thats not good!!

  • Chloe 7 years ago

    Its tastes dead nice just made it in school xx

  • shlags 7 years ago

    jake dearlove says he loves you all :) x

  • penisenlarger 7 years ago

    it tstes well nice

  • chelsea 8 years ago

    i love pasta bake is the best fine in the wolerd

  • Charlotte 9 years ago

    I really like this one :) also the idea of adding crisps ontop works real nice to thanks all :) xxx

  • chicken 9 years ago

    i love this but it makes me feel sick some times lmfaoo,
    hey sexy people i love you NOT : ) x

  • kim 10 years ago

    u cud also add cumbled crisps to the top b4 the cheese 2 make it crunchy its delicious.

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