Peardrop vodka

Peardrop Vodka: Easy Fruit-Infused Vodka Recipe

Next time you’re craving something fruity to drink at night, try our peardrop vodka recipe, which creates the perfect pear flavor and bite to any cocktail.

15 min. Prep
0 Cook
15 min. Total
4 – 8 Servings





Peel your pears with a vegetable or potato peeler. Chop up the pears into a few small pieces. Set aside half to marinate in the vodka.


simple syrup

With your other chopped-up pears, add to a saucepan with simple syrup (combine white sugar and water to make this) and lemon juice. Sauté this mixture for 8-10 minutes until the pears soften into a kind of compote.


Add your compote to a blender or food processor and blend together until smooth.



Pour your compote, sliced pear, and vodka into a large jar that seals. Let this sit on a shelf in a cool, dry place for four to six weeks before enjoying it.



When you’re ready to serve, pour your peardrop vodka over ice and shake well. You can also serve this alcohol with lemonade or seltzer to create the perfect pear-flavored cocktail.

How We Came Up with Peardrop Vodka


In the fall, pears are in season and destined to be turned into delicious recipes. I personally love pears, so adding its sweet yet unique flavor to a cocktail was a no-brainer. I’ve been seeing a ton of fruit-infused alcohol recipes on my social media feeds lately, so this one just felt like the perfect way to transition to cozy cocktails in cold weather.

I find that pears are such an underrated fruit, so I hope this peardrop vodka recipe and the cocktails it creates can help spread the word. Be sure to pick ripe pears so that their flavor and juiciness infuse into the vodka. If you use unripe pears, the flavor will be much more mild. It doesn’t matter what kind of pears you use, though, as long as they are fresh.

Tips for Making Peardrop Vodka

When making this pear-infused vodka, it’s crucial to marinate your vodka with both the pear compote and sliced pears. Both of these ingredients will add pear flavor, but the compote also adds a hint of lemon and sweetness that would otherwise be missing. In my experience, mixing a ton of flavor into your basic alcohol like vodka makes cocktails taste infinitely better.

Patience is also important when making this vodka recipe. Letting the vodka rest on the shelf will ensure that you get all the flavor that you could possibly need. Try to plan ahead so that if you have a big party or holiday coming up, you can make this about a month in advance and it will be ready to serve.

Lastly, be sure you read up on the proper storage and canning instructions. Since you’ll be leaving your peardrop vodka out for four to six weeks, you need to make sure its container is safe and that the lid is sealed on their properly. This guide is helpful from the New York Times in order to keep your kitchen and bar safe from foodborne illness or unwanted bacteria.

What if my peardrop vodka has pieces of pear in it?

This is a common question about fruit-infused vodka and it’s actually a good thing. If your pear compote and pear slices begin to dissolve into the vodka over four weeks, you’re getting a ton of flavor in your alcohol. However, if you don’t want to drink the pear bites, that is totally understandable. What you can do is strain it through a cocktail strainer into a new bottle. This will eliminate any bites of pear and give you a smooth vodka to add to cocktails.

How Should I Serve Peardrop Vodka?

There are tons of ways to serve peardrop vodka and all of them are delicious. Here are some of our recommendations:

Peardrop Vodka Cocktail

In order to really get the peardrop vodka flavor, you can serve it like a martini shaken with ice and a bit of lemon juice.

Peardrop Vodka Spritz

If you’re not into martinis, try peardrop vodka with some club soda, white wine, and lemon.

Peardrop Vodka Gimlet

Instead of gin, use your peardrop vodka with soda water and lime to make a beautiful new version of a gimlet.

Peardrop Vodka Cider

If you’re feeling cozy, you can heat up some apple cider and add your peardrop vodka for a subtle kick.

Trust me, you cannot go wrong with this recipe. Peardrop vodka will remind you of delicious, ripe pears and make you forget what plain vodka tastes like. If you’re not a big drinker, this is the perfect recipe to try because it will genuinely make your cocktails taste delicious.

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