Pesto, Tomato And Olive Tartlets

Scrumptious individual tarts for 4 people (or just for you to freeze for later!)

Preparation Time

h m

Cook Time

h m





Step 1:

  • 1. Preheat the oven to 220 degrees celsius.
  • Step 2:

  • 2. Roll the pastry on a floured surface and cut into four 12cm squares then place these squares on a greased baking sheet.
  • Step 3:

  • 3. Score the squares gently with a knife 1cm in from the edges to make a border.
  • Step 4:

  • 4. Divide half the pesto evenly between the pastry squares, spreading it inside the border.
  • Step 5:

  • 5. Cut the tomatoes in half and place these on top. Dot the olives equally on each of the squares.
  • Step 6:

  • 6. Bake for 20 minutes until puffy and golden.
  • Step 7:

  • 7. Dot with the remaining pesto whilst hot.