pork bake

prok sausage mixed with veges, sauce, potatoes

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mushroom soup

You slice the sauages into 3 pieces each so they are just bigger than bite size. Then cut up your vege’s so that they are just under bite size. Heat your pan to hot(my stove only has hot and off modes 🙂 probaly be better with a medium heat). Put in about a table spoon of butter and then put all your cut up ingredients in and allow to cook till the sausage is ready. you can see this when you cut one up and there is no pink in the middle. normally takes around 10 minutes. While this is cooking take 2 potatoes and cook in the microwave for around 6-8 minutes till they are cooked. Now cut up your potatoes and put in with the sausages and vegetables. Put in your mushroom soup and give a good stir. Wait till the soup starts to boil and let simmer for like 1 minute and keep stirring. Now you can tuck in. Makes enough for around 2 meals