pork shoulder casserole, cheap but delicious

Preparation Time

Cook Time





Step 1:

  • heat some oil in a large frying pan and add carrots celery onions and garlic and sweat gently for 8-10mins until soft and translucent. transfer to a casserole dish or large deep baking tray. add some more oil to the frying pan you cooked the veg in and add the diced pork in batches to brown off, (i usually add some plain flour to each batch to coat the meat to help in brown and thicken the sauce later) once browned transfer each batch to the casserole dish or baking tray with the vegetables. In the same pan you browned the meat pour in the cider and heat until boiling scraping all the bits from the pan. Pour over the meat and vegetable mixture. Pour over the tin of plum tomatoes water stock cubes herbs tomato puree and any remaining ingredients then cover either with the casserole lid or tin foil if using a baking tray. Put the casserole into a preheated oven for 2-3hrs until soft and tender. Check every hour and stir, add more water should the sauce become too dry.