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1 Step Meatballs

Published Friday, 04 September, 2009 by Becky

made exactly how you want in 2 mins!



  • This is the easiest and perhaps cheapest way of making yummy meatballs, that i have found.
  • 1. A pack of sausages; if you get good quality sausages you don'€™t need to add any other ingredients, but if you get the cheaper ones you might want to get some herbs or dice up some onion to add to the flavour a little bit.


1. Squeeze the meat out of the ends of each sausage into a bowl. If you aren'€™t going to add anything to the meat the just rub your hands in a little oil to stop the meat stick, and roll into meatball shaped balls.

2. Fry on all sides until brown and cooked through. Nothing hard about that was there.

You could get normal sausages that aren't flavoured with anything and chuck in what ever you like; caramelised onions, chilli, Worcestershire sauce, garlic...pretty much anything will work!!

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