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77p Casserole

Published Tuesday, 02 June, 2009 by Ioannis

The easiest and cheapest casserole (sausages and liver)



  • * An onion. Red or white. Whatever you prefer.
  • * Garlic. The real stuff or the granules, though of course the real stuff tastes better!
  • * 6 Sausages. Again, whichever you prefer but best not the REALLY cheap ones. Ones with a touch of chilli or apple work well.
  • * Pork liver. (That'€™s where the 77p comes in)
  • * A tin of tomatoes.
  • * A beef stock cube.


First- Pre-heat the oven to around 200/180 if it'€™s fan assisted. No idea what that is in gas terms. Ask Google! Chop the onion into rings (so just in half, then along each half once). Drain the pork liver (it usually comes in a lovely packet resembling something discarded from surgery) and chop the sausages into halves.

Next- Fry off the onion and garlic in some olive oil (or vegetable oil if you're not posh enough to have olive oil!).

Then- Add the sausages to the pan and just fry them quickly until the skins change colour ever-so-slightly. You'€™re not actually cooking them so this should only take 3-4 minutes. If there'€™s room in the pan, add the liver. If not, tip everything out into your oven-proof dish, add some more oil to the pan and then pop the liver in. Fry, turning quickly, for 2-3 minutes. Then chuck everything into the oven-proof dish.

Finally- Make up your beef stock (about 400 ml of liquid is fine-Depends how thick you like your casserole sauce!) and pour it over everything. Add the tin of tomatoes, give everything a good stir and whack into the oven. Give it about 30-40 minutes. It'€™s done when the whole house smells delicious and it's all bubbling nicely.

And there you have one nice big bowl of comfort food! Serve with a stick of crusty bread or mashed potato. Delicious!

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  • Lisa 8 years ago

    btw - 200 degrees C works out at about Gas Mark 5-6. :)

  • cora 8 years ago

    Really quick and tasty recipe! Very cheap meal too! I love the wording in your recipes - down to earth, easy to follow and realistically friendly. Keep these super recipes coming!

  • kev 9 years ago

    will check this recipe out

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