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Cheap Pork Meatballs

Published Sunday, 07 September, 2014 by Isobel

Cheap and easy and can be adapted


  • - sausages, however many you want
  • - onion, red or white
  • - red pepper
  • - garlic
  • - oil
  • - 1/2 a tin of tinned tomatoes (for one)
  • - pasta
  • - oregano or a spagbol stock cube
  • the sauce can be adapted to how you would like it.
  • - you can add chilli to this to give it a kick


Firstly slit the skins of the sausages and take the meat out, you can roll the meat into balls. Cook these in the frying pan with oil until browned.

chop the onion and pepper roughly, but the garlic finely and add them to the pan with the meatballs until they are soft. Start to cook the pasta at this point so that it's ready for when the sauce is.

you can then add the tinned tomatoes and the stock cubes and mix in well till the stock cubes have dissolved into the tomatoes and the sauce is piping hot.

you can then serve once the pasta and the sauce is ready, and then add cheese on top if you choose, and season nicely.

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