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Crispy Eisbein

Published Tuesday, 12 June, 2012 by Marelize

Crispy eisbein with baked potato and sweet carrots



  • 2 x eisbein
  • 1 x large onion ( sliced )
  • 2 x carrots ( sliced )
  • 4 x med potatoes ( sliced in half )
  • sauce
  • half a cup of tomato sauce
  • half a cup of ms. Balls chutney
  • 5 table spoon of sherry
  • 4 table spoons of brown sugar
  • olive oil



in a large pot throw in your onion, carrots, salt and pepper and your eisbein. Water must cover the eisbein. Bring to the boil, lower heat and let it simmer for 2 and a half hours.

boil your potatoes til soft.


mix tomato sauce, chutney,sherry and brown sugar till smooth. Turn on the oven on grill.

after the meat is done take it of the stove and drain it. Spread a dash of olive oil on a baking tray. Spread allot of sauce on the eisbein skin , but do let it drip of the sides so the sauces is on and around the meat.Let the eisbein grill until the skin is crispy.

after its done take it out and grill the potatoes in the same tray and the same sauce for 5 min.



  • Maliphehlo 3 years ago

    Thanx for the recipe. I am trying it out now and will give feedback.

  • Anton 3 years ago

    Hi Thelma
    Just saw your comment.
    First of all this recipe was a hit on Xmas day here in Melbourne.
    Reason why I am only posting now as I just bought five of the suckers and am into it again.
    Bitterly cold here in Melbourne.
    Yes the Firemans Arms in Cape Town.
    Talking about late 80 early 90.
    Then I left for Aussie.

  • Elaine Maass 3 years ago

    Tried the recipe!! Delish! delish! delicious !!!!! Thank you xx

  • Thelma 3 years ago

    Anton, was this recently in Cape Town? In the seventies my partner was an owner of the Firemans arms.

  • Phillip 3 years ago

    Thanks for the recipe. I am going to try it right now. Sounds great. !!!!!

  • anton 4 years ago

    Hey this looks good.
    In Melbourne Australia.
    Going to give this one a go on Xmas day and let you know.
    Lekker memories of Eisbein at the Firemans Arms Cape Town.

  • Alushke 4 years ago

    My dad and i tried out the recipe today! Absolutely delicious!! Lekker

  • Michelle 4 years ago

    I loved it! Don't care if the spelling is incorrect, this is not a spelling contest or any contest at all. So no need to be rude lynn. Learn some manners!

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