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Ham And Sweetcorn Fried Rice

Published Tuesday, 17 July, 2012 by Jessica

Cheap and tasty dish



  • Sainsburys basics ham (£1.65)
  • sainsburys basics rice (£0.40)
  • tropical sun pork seasoning (£0.89)
  • frozen (or tinned) sweetcorn
  • oil (or frylight)
  • salt


If you're cooking for one weigh out 125grams of (dry) rice. If you're cooking for four, use half a bag.

1) put saucepan full of water on the stove and let it reach boiling point. While you wait for it, rip up enough ham for yourself. (if serving for four use whole packet).

2) when the pan reaches boiling point chuck in your rice. Stir with a wooden spoon/spatula. Now obviously we all have our own cooking methods to rice. I prefer to stir, leave for a minute, stir and keep doing that until the rice is cooked.

3) get the frozen sweetcorn (measure with the eye) and defrost with boiled water from the kettle and strain.

4) heat up a wok with some oil, ( i use frylight 1 calorie per spray). Chuck in the sweetcorn to sizzle a little, and chuck in a pinch of pork seasoning and stir.

5) by now the rice should be done, drain and spoon a bit of rice into the wok.

6) stir the rice and sweetcorn and chuck in a few pieces of ham and pork seasoning with every spoonful. Stir and mix thoroughly and keep repeating process until all the rice has been fried.

this is where i taste and chuck more pork seasoning (if needed) and add some salt.

simple, easy and tasty!


calories per serving.

146cals for the rice,

13 cals per slice of ham

sweetcorn (roughly) 90 cals per 3 heaped tablespoons

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