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Spicy Heart Attack Death

Published Wednesday, 12 January, 2011 by Benjamin

You will die.. But you will die happy..



  • (For one person)
  • X2 Pork Steaks
  • Reggae Reggae Spicy Jerk/BBQ Sauce (or your favourite spicy sauce)
  • A buttload of chillis
  • X2 Eggs
  • Butter


1. Chop some chillis (As many as you think you can handle) - keep seeds.

2. Marinade pork steaks in Reggae Reggae.

3. Butter pans and put steaks on to fry (with Reggae Reggae used to marinade).

4. Put some chillis in the pan.

5. When nearly done, put eggs on (in Reggae Reggae, with chillis).

6. Stack steaks, put spicy eggs on top, maybe serve wih more Reggae Reggae?

7. Eat.

8. Grab chest, collapse, become unconscious.

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