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Amazing Cinnamon Toast

Published Tuesday, 28 July, 2009 by simrah

the best toast you've ever had!!..3 ingredients only!!!



  • *slice of bread
  • *sugar
  • *cinnamon
  • *butter or margarine


1.Preheat the grill to a medium heat.

2.Toast the bread and then spread with the butter.

3.Sprinkle the slices generously with the sugar and cinnamon.

4Place under grill until the sugar has melted and the butter starts to bubble

5.Serve with a hot chocolate.



  • Mkr 5 years ago

    I've tasted better

  • Jacob 7 years ago

    It is absolutely AMAZING and so tasty! Thanks! :)

  • Kate 8 years ago

    wow yummy it tastes sooooooooooooooooooooo good thanks

  • Elise 8 years ago

    WOw looks fab :) its just come off grill, eating...yum :) thanks bye x

  • Elise 8 years ago

    its just on grill...hopefully gonna be nice :) thanks

  • Rahma 8 years ago

    Im about to go and make it now,..byee

  • Trude 8 years ago

    I stumbled on this recipe and 15 minutes later I've eaten 3 of these. Absolutely genius, thank you for sharing! :) 5/5

  • Mumin 8 years ago

    Holy Honey! This is amazing! I find that it's easier to get a glass jar and mix cinammon to sugar in a 1:3 ratio, give it a mix. Not only does this give way for an even distribution of cinnamon and sugar, it makes for great storage so you can have it at any time! I'm eating this every night now, it really is fab! You can even break of a few dairy milk chocolate pieces, nuke it in the microwave, and drizzle over. It really is amazing. I've become a new fan on cinnamon, I can't believe I haven't used this miracle spice much before!

    On the cinnamon side, the breakfast cereal, Curiously Cinnamon, is pure lush!

    Cinnamon RAWKS!

  • Nicky 8 years ago

    I cannot get over how dumb you are Sara and also if your looking for wieght loss and fashion tips, to be honest you shouldn't be commenting here. Also if you comment again i swear I'm going to go mad because your spelling is atrocious. Please refrain from commenting from now on. Thank you!

  • Sara 8 years ago

    omgg.. to anon and aimee
    i really truly am ...i have brought 4 different pairs of jeans in the past 2 months and i just tried the fourth on and i now cant get the zip up D: what do i doo??? iv put on soo much weight my stomach is huge buldges putta everything i wear! ...also does anyone have any fashion advice :L xxx

  • Aimee 8 years ago

    To anon, i totally agree! ...god how stupid are some people i can't belive that lady who read it out to her cookign class! lol! xx

  • Anon 8 years ago

    For all those people responding to 'Sara'....that is clearly someone having a laugh!

  • Louise 8 years ago

    Smells lush..
    Looks gross..
    Tastes ......amazingggg :O

  • Kiamarie 8 years ago

    Mmmmm..! I think it's " Very yummy! "n

  • happylillyshak 8 years ago

    This looks yummy.

  • ??? 8 years ago

    go lick bell

  • Bethany 8 years ago

    To Sara, maybe eating less might help you lose weight babes!

  • Adrienne 8 years ago

    lol this is for sara! i just read your comment to the whole of my cooking class and we all wet ourselves, cheese is the fat from milk love! and pop tarts a pastry (mainly butter-fat) and icing (sugar) so its no wonder that your large darling ''innit''xx

  • Nathan 8 years ago

    To Sara, i saw you comment and i was like well amazed obesity is so bad ent it rnwhat sort of cheese do you eat buh rnbtw cheese isnt a part of the veg group you stupid blonde rnlearnt to spell ent it rofl rnthat isnt proper english

  • girl dude 9 years ago

    why are you worried about obesity.. i made my self really ill when i was thinking that i was getting fat.. look just enjoy yourself and eat what you want to, now, i love my food (:

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