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Bacon And Egg Pie

Published Monday, 05 July, 2010 by andrew

bacon and egg pie



  • ready made pastry
  • bacon
  • eggs
  • milk
  • flour


role out pastry make shore there is plenty for base and top of pie put pastry in a cooking pan or bowl lay bacon in the pastry then crack some eggs in a jug and add milk then whisk together then pore on bacon then place pasty on top then crimp together then place in over till cooked this pie is nice worm or cold and last ages if left in fridge


  • Darren 6 years ago

    The recipe of a full on retard

  • Talia 8 years ago

    role? shore? pore? worm? then, then, then, then...spelling

  • ryan 9 years ago

    for better results dont put pastry on top try covering with a few slices of tomato and cover in grated cheese

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