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Bacon And Egg Sandwich

Published Wednesday, 16 November, 2011 by Richie Thornley

Bacon & Egg Sandwich with a difference



  • Bacon x 4 or 6 rashers
  • Egg x 1
  • Bread x 3 slices
  • Butter/Margarine
  • Ketchup or Brown Sauce (optional)


Fry up the bacon and the egg (cook egg both sides)

Put butter/marg on all 3 pieces of bread, but do both sides on 1 piece of bread

Take the bread that is buttered both sides and place in the frying pan and cook to make fried bread

Once bacon is cooked, place 2/3 rashers (depending on how many you have done) onto a piece of bread (preferably not the one in the frying pan)

Place the egg on top of the bacon

Your fried bread should be done by this point. Place the fried bread on top of the bacon and egg.

Put the remaining 2/3 rashers of bacon on top of the fried bread and put ketchup or brown sauce on (if you want)

Now cover with the last piece of buttered bread and EAT!!

Bacon can be replaced with sausages or you can use both


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