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Best Sandwich Ever!!!

Published Wednesday, 03 June, 2015 by Scoopy

If you want to make a quick and yummy sandwich, this recipe is for you!



  • Bread
  • cheese (any kind)
  • parsley/coriander leaves
  • some chillies
  • a pinch of salt


1) make a paste of parsley and chillies together and add salt

2) spread the paste on your bread

3) add loads of cheese

4) microwave for 10-30 seconds for the cheese to melt a bit

5) eat!!!


  • Pam 3 years ago


  • Sayeeda Afreen 4 years ago


  • Areej 4 years ago

    Really it's easy and quick to make . Awesome!

  • Angela 4 years ago

    Vry bad taste

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  • What a delicious looking dish! Thanks for uploading, Ellen.