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Cheesy Bread Rolls

Published Wednesday, 16 September, 2015 by Hayley Penney

This yummy snack is yummy and very good whit dipping sauce / Serves: 1 / Nutritional info: It's a great snack and healty not but if ur allgric to milk use soy cheese



  • Bread anykind whit the cruts removed
  • cheese strings
  • butter
  • a pan or a sand witch gril
  • dipping sauce anykind l
  • Rolling pen or a glass
  • Butter for ur pan


First u get how many bread slices u want And remove the crusts then u roll ur bread slices until there thin then add ur butter in the inside and a tiny bit on the out side then u add ur cheese string then u roll it up then add ur butter

Rember to get ur pan heated up or ur grill heated up while ur making it

Next u add it in to ur pan/ grill

If using a pan keep it at medium heat and cook until golden brown

Then get a dipping sauce I used Bbq sauce but u can use what ever dipping sauces you like !

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