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Cheesy Garlic Mushroom Toast

Published Saturday, 16 January, 2010 by Shauni

Crusty bread & melted cheese & mushrooms (garlic optional!)



  • This recipe is for one serving...simply multiply quantities for more hungry people!
  • -A wedge of white or brown crusty bread cut to your desired thickness.
  • -Approx 80g of mature cheddar(Cathedral City is scrummy!) or a 3/4" slice from a regular block of cheese.
  • 8 small button mushrooms or 4 if larger mushrooms
  • A pinch of garlic Powder (Optional) Available form herb section in shops.
  • This recipe is 100% veggie friendly though `meaties` will love it too!


Lightly toast your bread under the grill (tastes just as good not toasted but just gives an extra satisfying crunch to the bread!).Place bread on one side for now and roughly chop the mushrooms and cheese and place in a microwave on full power for approx 1 to 1 1/2 mins or until you see the cheese bubbling! (mushrooms and cheese dont have to be too small as they will melt down nicely in the microwave when cooking) Take out of microwave ad a pinch of garlic powder(optional) and stir then simply puor the cheesy mushroom mix onto your toast and enjoy! Deeeeeeeeeelicious!

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