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Chicken Fried Rice

Published by Nikky

For those who spent all their loan on alcohol



  • 1 cup of soup
  • Rice
  • Tinned veg of your choice
  • Pack of wafer thin chicken


Simple but filling

Cook your rice. Heat up a frying pan, stick your rice in, pour your cup of soup over (either chicken or vegetable). Cut your chicken into strips, add the veg of your choice and your chicken and fry until cooked.


  • Jica 6 years ago

    Sounds simple! Thanks

  • Steppps 9 years ago

    LOL @ ass.

  • Ass 9 years ago

    What's with the use of 'gorgeous'?

  • foodinator 9 years ago

    That sounds absolutely gorgeous!!

  • Peter 10 years ago

    That sounds gorgeous !

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