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Published Sunday, 17 July, 2011 by jeff unit

crisps inir



  • crisps (any one that takes your fancy)


there's numerous methods of opening crisps but I'll explain to you the easiest ways:

1. Take a packet of crisps and at either end pinch each side and pull you're hands apart (can be difficult if hands are greasy from crisps, best to open all your packs at the same time).

2. You can also open a packet by squeezing the packet directly in the centre with one hand (if said task is proving to be difficult use two, it should pop if enough force is used).

3. This method is to be used if all else fails just place the packet on the floor and slowly start leaning you weight on the bag (don't stamp on it or you run the risk of crushing the crisps).

Once you open the packet you can either eat out of bag with your fingers, or you can empty the bag on a plate if you're feeling fancy


  • ??? 4 years ago

    Thats just dumb!

  • Beth 5 years ago

    Loved this meal!!!! This method really helped thank you!!!

  • Ungery Nolunger 6 years ago

    Thank you so much. I nearly died from starvation just staring at the crisp packet with a single tear left rolling down my cheek wondering how to get to the crunchy goodness within. I used to my leftover energy to get here and now i'm back on form with the lingering taste of ready salted.
    i don't know what the fudge i would of done without your words of wisdom. Related to einstein perhaps?

  • Jason \"jj\" johnson 7 years ago

    Ive only ever thought 2 use crisps as decoration didn't realise the bags opened and there was consumable goods inside! Mind blowing stuff

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