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Delicious And Filling Pasta!

Published by Leanne

A tuna, cheesy, meaty and salad pasta dish!



  • ~A packet of 500g penne/twisty pasta (per 3 people)
  • ~3-6 cheap unfrozen sausages or 3-6 of your favourite brand
  • ~Block of your favourite cheese
  • ~Small tin of Tuna
  • ~Mayonaise
  • ~Cucumber


You will need a grill and a microwave to make this

1)Preheat grill at a medium to high temperature while you fill a microwavable container with the pasta and boiled water that almost covers the pasta

2)Microwave for 10 minutes and place thawed or defrosted sausages under grill

3)Mix together tuna, mayonaise and chopped cucumber in a bowl, check sausages to turn them over once done on a side

4)Once sausages cooked (brown all over) chop into smaller chunks and add to the tuna mix

5)When pasta has done, drain, then add tuna mix to pasta and add grated cheese

Et voila you have a delicious and very filling pasta dish, good for you too!

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