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Delicious Homemade Pizza

Published Wednesday, 27 June, 2012 by Divyanka

Craving pizza? now you can make your own in just 5-10 mins!



  • Bread (as many as you prefer)
  • tomato ketchup or pasta sauce
  • toppings: usually the best combination includes capsicum and onions, although you can add whatever you prefer
  • cheese slices or black diamond marble cheese
  • mini oven


Spread the ketchup or pasta sauce on the bread

place the cheese slice on the bread, or grate the marble cheese and sprinkle over bread

place toppings on the bread

place the bread in the oven and set to bake, 350-400 degrees, 5-10 minutes

the cheese will melt evenly and the bread will become crunchy along with crispy toppings

remove from oven and enjoy your warm, cripsy homemade pizza!

*using tomato ketchup makes the pizza tastier than using pasta sauce

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