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Egg Bagel With Spinach

Published Tuesday, 13 July, 2010 by hanna binder

Sunshine Egg Bagel With Wilted Spinach And Pine Nuts



  • Bagel
  • Oil
  • Two eggs
  • Two pinches of parmesan
  • Small handful of pinenuts
  • Very large handful of fresh spinach
  • Salt & Pepper


Slice your bagel in half and pop it in your frying pan with a little oil.

Break an egg into each bagel hole, press down on the bagel with a spatula to stop too much egg escaping!

Sprinkle yolk poking through the hole with a pinch of parmesan and a pinch of salt.

Fry & flip so the egg is cooked through but still gooey in the center.

Place the bagels onto serving plate.

Using the same pan toast a few pinenuts and throw in a large handful of spinach.

Once spinach has wilted, shake shake shake, salt & pepper & serve. Yum.

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