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Egg, Bean, Cheese And Bacon Sarnie

Published Monday, 11 August, 2008 by Tom

Baked beans, cheese, ketchup, bacon and eggs.. in a toasted sammich! Great after a night out!



  • (For one, makes 1 sandwich):
  • 1x can o' baked beans
  • Cheeze, amount grated/sliced to preference
  • Ketchup
  • 2x strips of yummy bacon
  • 1x egg
  • Seasonings (salt/pepper)
  • 2x slices of bread


This is a crazy-quick recipe, preparation aside it will take you hardly five minutes. That's quick... if you have about twenty hands and can watch everything at once.. you may see alternative methods to achieve toasted sandwich nirvana, this is what I do:

After pre-heating the grill and a frying pan with ample oil:


1: Chuck strips of bacon in grill

1: Chuck beans in microwaveable container in for 3:20 (800w)

1: Chuck bread in toaster

1: Chuck egg in pre-heated pan, run away from the spitting

2: Divide your attention 4 ways to cook all particulars

3: When cooked, grab the toast, then starting with bacon throw the strips on to cover as much area as possible. If you don't start with bacon by the time your fumbling, hung-over hands finally get round to it, they will be aflame. ;-)

4: After the bacon, the order of what goes on next is at best a tertiary consideration. I pick between the beans and cheese... on it goes!

5: Egg!

6: Ketchup and seasoning, or other sauces, of course.

You probably don't want to eat it like a traditional sandwich as it will slop a metric ton of juices on you; I recommend cutlery! Enjoy, you hungry beasts. X-D

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