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Egg Fried Rice

Published Friday, 04 September, 2009 by Mark Penver

this is your basic egg fried rice



  • for 2 people it's a small cup of plain white long grain rice (easy cook if you like)
  • 1 egg
  • sea salt
  • water
  • soy sauce


this is another recipe for those who just like egg fried rice :D

cook rice like you would in water with the sea salt. I do this so it tastes like a takeaway because they use salt to get you addicted. Clever trick but it does taste lush. Once the rice is soft and cooked taste it to make sure its salty. (trust me it needs to be)

Drain the rice but dont wash it and put it in a bowl and frige it for about 30 mins till its cold basically. Once this is done you want your pan back with small drop of oil in it and then fry the egg but beat it at the same time so it ends up in little bits and add the rice. at this point you want about 3 or 4 splashes of soy sauce and keep it on heat and stiring to heat the rice up again.

This is perfect for those who like chinese and just want a bit o rice that isn't plain to go with the meal


  • Keira 9 years ago

    This sounds soooo lush, I can just imagine the taste. I'mma make it. :)

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