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Gravy On Toast

Published Thursday, 08 December, 2011 by Ashie

Easiest. Meal. Ever. And tasty



  • Packet Gravy
  • Bread


Make the gravy to packet instructions.

Toast bread

Pour gravy over toast



  • Katy 4 years ago

    I will try this for tea ashie it sounds wonderful and i eill ask my mam to cook it becuase i dont know how too<3

  • Not An Idiot 6 years ago

    No offense, but i didnt need instructions to make this dissaster of a meal, if you can even call it that...

    otherwise, an enjoyable meal.

  • Hann 8 years ago

    loved it but even better with stuffing<3

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  • Be an awesome roommate and offer to make this Pizza Ring to share! So simple. So good.