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Ham And Cheese Toasty

Published Tuesday, 09 February, 2010 by Aimee

Yummy! also quick and easy to make



  • Bread - 2 slices
  • Cheese -cheddar is best - depends how cheesy u like it, but need enough to cover either 1 or both (depends on ur taste and like of cheese).
  • Ham - 2 slices
  • Butter
  • Time - between 10 and 20 minutes including prep.


1) Put both slices of bread in the toaster, and toast to your liking. Pre heat grill while waiting for the toast to cook, and grate/slice the cheese.

2) Butter both pieces of bread and put the cheese on top (either sliced or greated both works)

3) put under the grill and wait till the cheese melts then take out

4) put ham between the 2 slices of toast and press together then cut in half

5) Eat and Enjoy :D


  • naomi 9 years ago

    yumy yumy in my tummy xxxx

  • caitlin x 9 years ago

    i have made these many times and they're yummmmyyyy xD

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