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Healtyh Low Fat Cereal

Published Tuesday, 18 October, 2011 by Aisling

Quick and easy



  • -Cerial (Preferably plain speacial k)
  • -Greek Yoghurt (Or any other low fat yoghurt of youre choice)
  • -Strawberries,Raspberrys,Blueberrys or any fruit of youre choice


1) Put cereal into a bowl of ure choice

2) Cut fruit of youre choice into sizes of ure choice (Rasperrys or Blueberry I wouldnt bother cutting)

3) Add fruit to youre cereal and give a mix

4) Lastly add youre yoghurt of choice to youre fruit and cereal

5) Enjoy!!! :)

(You can also use frozen fruit but fresh fruit is nicer :) )


  • Name 7 years ago

    It's disturbing that your english spelling is so poor, not to mention inconsistent. However, cereal, fresh fruit and yoghurt is very tasty and interesting texture combination.

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