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Oriental Fried Rice

Published Wednesday, 15 January, 2014 by Camilla

Very tasty, quick and easy :)



  • - leftover rice (if u don't have leftovers just cook some rice, it's a piece of cake)
  • - 3 tbl spoons of soy sauce
  • - 3 tbl spoons of chilli sauce or anything spicy
  • - 1 small onion
  • - 1 clove of garlic
  • - any leftover meat ( chicken, turkey, even ham)
  • - 1 egg
  • - sesame seeds and spring onion for the topping (if you have some)


Preheat the pan and drizzle with oil, than throw on it minced garlic and finely chopped onion. Tear up your meat and add it. Fry it a bit until your meat heats up properly. Now add your rice, 3 tablespoon of soy sauce and your chill sauce. Mix it all and fry for couple of minutes. Now remove your pan from the heat and add the egg and stir the rice until it thickens (it should take you about a minute). Sprinkle your dish with some sesame seeds and chopped spring onion.

enjoy your meal :)


  • Alisha 4 years ago

    What the quantity of rice should be ??????????????

  • Yolo 4 years ago

    This is swag

  • Victoria 4 years ago

    I tried this, and it turned out delicious!
    -even though i burnt it, but that's on me to blame-

  • Yuki 4 years ago

    I think that it depends on your culinary skills for this to turn out good.
    i've tried making some fried rice before ... It didn't turn out well.

  • Katie 5 years ago

    I didn't know how much rice to use. Turns out 3 tablespoons of soya sauce is too much for 1 cup of rice. All well, i know for next time.

  • Maha 5 years ago

    I think its very tasty

  • Daniya 5 years ago

    I'm trying this. I hope its yummy!

  • Rachael 5 years ago

    This is a great recipe, i made it for my sisters and they loved it.

  • Mahera Kazi 5 years ago

    Sooooooooooooo gooodd

  • Anthony Weiner 5 years ago

    Very good

  • Dick Butts 5 years ago

    @debbie downer i disagree, i thought it was well designed, the soy sauce flavor is awesome

  • Debbie Downer 5 years ago

    This recipe is very poorly designed, it is not very good tasting

  • Dick Johnson 5 years ago

    I really like this recipe

  • Harry Balls 5 years ago

    I just made this, super yummy

  • Mike Hawk 5 years ago

    This is literally the best food ever, it is so freaking delicious

  • ^_^ 5 years ago

    Just tried this, turned out really well!
    @paola yes i cracked the egg onto the rice

  • Paola 5 years ago

    Do you crack the egg onto the rice?

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