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Perfect Breakfast!

Published Friday, 03 February, 2012 by Zein

Try this you'll love it! :)



  • Eggs ( 2 )
  • Butter ( normal )
  • Cheese ( grated 1 slice)
  • Tuna chunks
  • Chilli sauce (Garlic chilli sauce)
  • Sweet chilli sauce
  • Pepper to taste
  • Seves 1 or 2


Firstly put some butter in a small sized pan, keep until melted.

Then Put the eggs and scramble it.

And then put the grated cheese in and mix them.

Then put the Tuna chunks,Chilli sauce, Sweet chilli sauce and mix it!

Keep them all on the pan for 2 minutes and youre ready to eat it!


  • That One Guy 4 years ago

    You are dumb

  • Kmm 5 years ago

    Do we really have to put sweet chilli sauce .And why it is called sweet and chillie sause sounds awkard

  • Hi Guys 6 years ago

    Wow, this sounds like a big breakfast, all i have for breakfast is a glass of milk. If i have anything else like cereal, i feel really sick, because i can't have a lot in my stomach in the morning.

  • 6 years ago

    I don't like tuna but the rest is nice

  • Sam 7 years ago

    You should give a picture of it also

  • Aylin 7 years ago

    What is sweet chilli

  • Rachel X 7 years ago

    Tuna chunks is tuna in a tin haha, you can get it in brine or sumflower oil but i prefer the sun flower oil its lots better and alot tastier :) .

  • Rehana 7 years ago

    What is tuna chunks

  • Mee 7 years ago

    It don't really sound that nice? But i may be wrong.

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