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Salmon Piri Piri

Published by lorna

salmon steaks with piri piri sauce and peppers



  • For Two People:
  • two ready filleted salmon steaks - buy packs of 8 from tesco - keep in freezer
  • slick of olive oil
  • two tablespoons of tesco's finest tomato and piri piri marinade
  • few small sweet peppers or slices of red peppers
  • (capiscums)
  • few cherry tomatoes
  • Serves two - add more salmon pieces and veg for more people


put a slick of olive oil in an oven dish - big enough to hold all the fish and veg at once

put salmon pieces in the dish and pour the piri piri marinade over them - if still slightly frozen cut a slit in top of each - add a blob of butter in slit if funds allow

arrange peppers and tomatoes (and any other veg) around the fish

use salt and pepper if required

sprinkle with coriander if available - still good without

cook gas mark 6 / 200c for 20/25 mins

eat!! spicy, tasty and delicious - and good enough to impress guests

saves money - all cooked in one dish!


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