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Sausage Barm

Published Saturday, 07 February, 2009 by David Watts

Quick, Easy and Tasty



  • Microwavable Sausages (2)
  • Barm
  • Tomato Sauce (optional)


Heat the sausages in the microwave (usually 1 minute is enough) and cut in half.

Place the half-cut sausages on the barm and apply tomato sauce (optional).

Ready to Go!


  • ben harris 6 months ago

    what r u doing in my swamp

  • Ladder Goat 9 years ago

    is that a donkey?

  • Screen Muncher 9 years ago


  • Kevin Nolan 9 years ago

    Can you tell me the calorie figures for this recipe

  • tomaldo 9 years ago

    im amazed at the sheer quality of these barms

  • Northener 10 years ago

    "Where do i buy these barms?"


  • slap head 10 years ago


  • Obafemi Taiwo 10 years ago

    Where do i buy these barms?

  • Matthew Gregory 10 years ago

    mmmm tasty iv just tryed it
    my hunger problems have been solved
    cheers mate

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  • What a great recipe, uploaded by Julie!